Acrylic Sealants & Fillers

Acrylic Sealants & Fillers

Our range of Decorating Acrylic Sealants & Fillers, manufactured by Soudal.

These types of sealants can be used for various applications such as sealing of window sills, door frames, skirting boards etc... Can also be used to repair and fill small cracks in plaster. These products can be overpainted once cured.

Products within this Category include:

  • Acryrub SWS - A Premium Quality, Highly Elastic Acrylic Sealant with movement absorption of up to 12.5%. 
  • Acryrub UKA High Quality Acrylic Polymer Based Sealant & Filler.
  • Transpacryl - A High Quaity Transparent Acrylic Polymer Based Sealant & Filler.
  • Decorators Caulk - A General Purpose, cost effective Acrylic Polymer Based Sealant & Filler.


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Acryrub SWS - Premium Quality Siliconised Acrylic Sealant - 310ml Cartridge
Product Description: Acryrub SWS is a Premium Quality, Highly Elastic Acrylic Sealant & Fil..
Acryrub UK - High Quality Acrylic Polymer Sealant - 300ml Cartridge
Product Description: Acryrub UK is a high quality acrylic polymer based sealant and filler..
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Transpacryl - Transparent Acrylic Polymer Sealant - 310ml Cartridge
Product Description: Transpacryl is a transparent acrylic polymer based sealant and filler. The..
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Soudal Decorators Caulk - 300ml Cartridge
Product Description: Decorators Caulk is an acrylic polymer based sealant and filler. Solvent-f..
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