Silicones & Sealants Products

Silicones & Sealants Products

The Soudal Professional Range is the most innovative and comprehensive branded range of Sealants, Adhesives, Fillers, PU Foams, Cleaners, Lubricants and Ancillary Products for the Construction and Industrial Markets.

The SILIRUB® Brand is a structured range of branded Silicone Sealants for Industrial, Construction and Sanitary applications. It includes products such as Silirub® 1, Silirub® 2, Silirub® A; Silirub® LMN etc...

Fix-ALL® Branded Products combine unique technology, with market leading brand value. Fix-ALL® offer simple and effective solutions for all sealing, bonding and filling applications, on almost all materials in all weather conditions. All Fix-ALL® Products are based on SMX® Technology (Soudal Modified Xtensions) - chemical engineering at polymer level.

The Fire Range includes products which conform to rigorous International and Local Standards such as the new EN1366-4 and BS476 Part 20. Sealing, filling and adhesive technologies are combined to form various passive fire protection systems, safeguarding against the spreat of fire and heat for up to 4 hours. Also included in this range are High Temperature Sealants, such as Firecement HT° which can withstand sustained temperatures as high as 1500°C

The Professional Window-joint System 'SWS' (Soudal Window System) is a combination of several Superior Quality products which provide the seal between exterior joinery and the structural envelope. In new buildings, this is a joint of ±2cm, but SWS can, of course, also be used for renovation of all sorts of exterior joinery: aluminium, wood and PVC. SWS also offers solutions for passive houses and timber framed houses. SWS has been officially tested in conjunction with various parameters and in various setups. When properly installed, SWS offers:

  • Airtight
  • Lasting Thermal and Acoustic Insulation
  • Weather Resistance