Roofing Products

Roofing Products

Platinum Chemicals offer a wide range of Roof Coatings, Bitumen ProductsRoofing Sealants and Flashing Tapes.

Here you will find Roof Coatings such as Evercryl, Cromapol and Sealacryl, all of which one-coat waterproofing, fibre re-enforced roof repair compounds effective on all common roofing surfaces.

We also supply a range of Bitumen based products. Bitumen (asphalt) is a mixed substance made up of organic liquids that are highly viscous and waterproof. Our range of bitumenous waterproofing products are designed to protect residential and commercial buildings. These products include All Weather Roofing Compound, Bitumen Paint, Roof Felt Adhesive, Aluminum Solar Reflector Paint and Bitumen Primer.

We also supply a range of Roofing Sealants such as Soudalead PB (Lead Sealant), Aquafix (All Weather Sealant) and Soudafalt (Roof & Gutter Sealant) as well as Flashing Tape in a range of different sizes.