Wedgit® Plastic Interlocking Wedges - BROWN

Wedgit® Plastic Interlocking Wedges - BROWN

Wedgit® | Interlocking Wedges

Interlocking Wedges

Today’s technologies and materials have combined to produce builders wedges of such consistent shape, strength and durability as to make them suitable for a whole range of uses for professional contractors and joiners.

Folded wedges allow adjustment for levelling and aligning various building components. As they are exactly complementary pairs, they present parallel faces for even loading so providing a support block of consistent dimensions.

Interlocking ribbed surfaces make incremental adjustment easy providing grip to prevent subsequent slipping.

Unlike wooden wedges, they need no preparation, they don't rot, shrink, crack or split and can be nailed through for final fixing providing a stable and permanent installation.

The increasingly popular wood flooring and decking is a dream to install with Wedgit®, as are window and door casings, wall claddings, roofing timbers and rafters even heavy precast sections. 

Brown Wedgit® Plastic Interlocking Wedges are packed in boxes of 50 Wedges.

  • Product: Brown Wedgit® Plastic Interlocking Wedges

  • Size: (H) 15mm, (W) 45mm, (L) 90mm

  • Maximum Load: 1700kg - Max load capacity achieved when ribbed surfaces of a pair of wedges are fully engaged. Fitting instructions included.

  • Typical Applications: Joists, Beams

  • Made under certified ISO 9001 quality control procedures

  • Quick and convenient to use - no preparation needed

  • Interlocking teeth prevent slippage

  • Will not split when nailed

  • Will not rot, corrode or shrink

  • Moisture resistant

  • Amazingly strong

  • Good soundproofing characteristics

  • Non-toxic emissions when burned

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