T Rex® Power Adhesive - Solvent Based

T Rex® Power Adhesive - Solvent Based

Soudal | Grab Adhesive

Soudal T-Rex® - Solvent Based is an ultra-strong, gap filling grab adhesive with extremely high initial grab using Soudals unique 'Fibre Reinforced Technology' which improves strength and gap filling properties.

Soudal T-Rex - Solvent Based is suitable for all types of bonding, interior and exterior, porous and non-porous, vertical and horizontal, overhead (with support where necessary) and uneven surfaces.

  • Fibre Reinforced.

  • Excellent initial grab (at least 125kg/m², full surface bonding) for fast and direct bonding.

  • Very fast powerful bonding.

  • Direct application onto one substrate.

  • Replaces nails and screws.

  • Suitable for bonding on uneven surfaces.

  • Excellent adhesion on a wide range of construction materials both in interior and exterior applications.


Typical Applications:

  • Suitable for the bonding of decorative materials, skirting boards, gypsum panels in vertical, horizontal and overhead applications.

  • Bonding of carpet grippers, edge strips and aluminium and uPVC stair nosings.

  • Bonding of wall and floor boards, window frames and partitions.

  • Suitable for direct bonding of many materials such as wood, many plastics, bricks, stone, tiles, metal to porous surfaces such as concrete, plaster, MDF, OSB, timber panels, chipboard etc.

Surface Preparation:

Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of dust. Prime if the surface is too porous.

Application Method:

Apply the adhesive by means of a caulking gun onto one surface in strips or dabs.

Always apply adhesive to the edges and corners of panels. Press the surfaces together immediately and tamp down with a rubber hammer. Support may be required on a vertical fixing or for heavy components.

For the bonding of impervious or heavy materials use the transfer method: press components together and release for max. 5 min. Return parts together and batten down with a rubber hammer.

If necessary support until adhesive is completely cured (approx. 24-48 hours).The bond can be loaded after 24-48 hours.


  • When bonding, the pressure applied determines the initial grab and the final bonding strength. The duration during which pressure is applied is less important.

  • In case of overhead applications a combination with mechanical fixing is required.

  • Do not use as a mirror adhesive (Use Soudaseal Mirror).

  • Do not use in applications where continuous immersion is possible.

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