Soudal Soudaseal® 215LM

Soudal Soudaseal® 215LM

Soudal | Hybrid Polymer Sealant

Soudal Soudaseal® 215LM is a Premium Quality, Low Modulus, 100% Hybrid Polymer Sealant.

Soudal Soudaseal® 215LM is odourless and has an extended open time compared to silicones to allow longer tooling of product.

Primerless adhesion on nearly all common construction materials such as plastics,
masonry, metals and wood - even when surfaces are damp.

Soudal Soudaseal® 215LM can be used on sensitive metals such as copper and lead. It is non-staining when applied on natural stone substrates, with no hydrophobic effect. No bubble formation within the sealant when applied on damp surfaces.

High performance mechanical properties. Colour stable, UV resistant and free of harmful chemicals (i.e isocyanates, solvents, halogens and acids).

Soudaseal® 215LM is paintable with all water-based paints and has excellent weathering resistance in all climates. Easy to apply, even at low temperatures.

Soudaseal® 215LM is airtight when used as part of Soudal Window System - SWS®.

  • Tested and in accordance with ISO 11600 F-25LM.

  • Good adhesion to most common substrates, even on slightly wet substrates.

  • Easy to tool, extrude (even at low temperatures) and finish in all weather conditions.

  • Permanent elastic after curing.

  • No odour.

  • No bubble formation within sealant in high temperature and humidity applications.

  • Primerless application on many substrates (except where water pressure may occur).

  • No hydrophobic effect on natural stone.

  • Can be painted with water based systems.

  • Good colour stability, weather and UV resistance.

  • Free of isocyanates, solvents, halogens and acids.

  • Airtight when used as part of Soudal Window System - SWS®.


Typical Applications:

  • Construction and industrial sealing applications.

  • Perimeter sealing of all window and door frame substrates - PVCu, aluminium and wood.

  • Sealing of roofline and drainage systems.

  • Sealing of expansion and connection joints in the building industry, including natural stone.

  • Roofing seals including lead, copper, roofing slates and fibre-cement.

  • Industrial applications; coated metals, anodized aluminium, stainless steel.

  • HVAC ducting, pipework and drainage joints. General maintenance and sealing.

Surface Preparation:

All smooth surfaces can be treated with Soudal Surface Activator. Porous surfaces in water loaded applications should be primed with Soudal Primer 150.

We recommend a preliminary adhesion test on every surface.

Application Method:

  • Application Method: With manual or pneumatic caulking gun.

  • Cleaning: Clean with white spirit or Surface Cleaner immediately after use.

  • Finishing: With a soapy solution before skinning.

  • Repair: With the same material

Joint Dimensions:

  • Minimum Width for Joints: 5 mm

  • Maximum Width for Joints: 30 mm

  • Minimum Depth for Joints: 5 mm

  • Recommendation Sealing Jobs: Joint Width = 2 x Joint Depth.


  • Soudaseal® 215LM may be overpainted with water based paints, however due to the large number of paints and varnishes available we strongly suggest a compatibility test before application.

  • The drying time of alkyd resin based paints may increase.

  • Soudaseal® 215LM can not be used as a glazing sealant.

  • Soudaseal® 215LM is suitable for sealing on natural stone on condition the joint dimensions and joint movement are respected. Avoid permanent pressure on the sealant.

  • When applying, make sure not to spill any sealant on the surface of materials. Taping the surface around the joint can prevent this.

  • A total absence of UV can cause a color change of the sealant.

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