Soudafalt - Roof & Gutter Sealant

Soudafalt - Roof & Gutter Sealant

Soudal | Roofing Sealant

Soudal Soudafalt is a Premium Quality, one-component, Bitumen-based Roof & Gutter Sealant which has excellent adhesion on bitumenous substrates and good adhesion on many other substrates, even under water.

  • Adheres very well on bituminous substrates

  • Very easy to apply

  • Good adhesion to many substrates

  • High fluid resistance


Typical Applications:

  • Repair product for leaks in gutters, drainpipes, roof covers and roof elements (metal sheeting, roofing felts etc.)

  • Gutter and sewage pipe repair.

  • Cold adhesive for all types of roofing (except PDM-foil).

  • Emergency repairs, even in wet weather.

  • Joints with movement till max. 10%.

Surface Preparation:

Surfaces should be clean and free of dust and grease.

Suitable for use on all usual building substrates.

We recommend a preliminary adhesion test on every surface.

Application Method:

  • Application Method: With a manual or pneumatic caulking gun. Finish with spatula or filling knife.

  • Cleaning: Clean uncured product with a White Spirit immediately after use. Cured Soudafalt should only be removed mechanically.

  • Finishing: With a soapy solution or Soudal Finishing Solution before skinning.

  • Repair: With the same material

Joint Dimensions:

  • Minimum Width for Joints: 5 mm

  • Maximum Width for Joints: 10 mm

  • Minimum Depth for Joints: 5 mm

  • Recommendation Sealing Jobs: Joint Width = Joint Depth.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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