Multi Cleaner Foam Spray

Multi Cleaner Foam Spray

Soudal | Cleaning

Soudal Multi Cleaner is a Universal Cleaning Foam Spray.

The foam action helps break down dirt and contaminants.

Foam product means it does not drip or run on vertical surfaces.

  • Foam Action

  • Cleans & Degreases

  • Highly Soluble

  • Does not drip

  • Does not leave any residues


Typical Applications:

Soudal Multi Cleaner is ideally suited for cleaning all surfaces (vertical and horizontal) such as glass, tiles, mirrors, laminate, PVC, kitchen worktops, car interiors, textile, carpets, office equipment and much more...

Application Method:

Bring the aerosol to room temperature (to get optimal results).

Shake can well before use.

Apply Multi Cleaner on the surface to be cleaned. Let it work for about 20 seconds and then rub thoroughly until the surface is dry.

Test for adverse effects on the surface in advance.


  • Due to the wide variety of possible plastics and paints and to avoid damage to the surface, a preliminary compatibility test is recommended.

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