Firecryl FR - Intumescent Acrylic Sealant

Firecryl FR - Intumescent Acrylic Sealant

Soudal | Intumescent Acrylic Sealant

Soudal Firecryl FR is a Fire Rated Intumescent Acrylic Sealant and Filler which is totally free of solvents, silicones and isocyanates.

Soudal Firecryl FR is colourfast and waterproof after curing, it can also be painted over once cured. Primerless adhesion on most surface.

Soudal Firecryl FR resist the passage of fire and smoke and is fire resistant up to 4 hours with PE backer rod (EN 1366 Part 4-NBN713.020- BS 476/20).

Soudal Firecryl FR is intumescent in contact with fire, and swells when exposed to temperatures in excess of 120°C.

  • Fire Rated Acrylic Polymer Sealant

  • Resist the passage of fire and smoke

  • Intumescent in contact with fire

  • Swells when exposed to temperatures in excess of 120°C

  • Stays elastic and can be painted over after curing

  • Colourfast and waterproof after curing

  • Very good adhesion on many porous surfaces

  • EN1366-4 - Fire Resistance, up to 4 hours depending on joint configuration

  • BS476 Part 20 - Fire Resistance, up to 4 hours depending on joint configuration

  • EN13501-1 Reaction to Fire, Class E

  • ETAG-026 - Part 1, Part 3


Typical Applications:

  • Interior Fire Resistant Applications. For exterior applications see Fire Silicone B1 FR.

  • Fire Resistant sealing compound for cracks in concrete and plaster

  • Fire Resistant connection joints in the building industry

  • Fire Resistant joints with movements up to 10%.

Surface Preparation:

Surfaces should be clean, dry, free of dust and grease.

For use on most porous surfaces.

Prepare very porous surfaces such as plasterboard, cellular concrete etc. with a suitable primer or with diluted Firecryl FR (1 part Firecryl FR and 2 parts water).

Not suitable for use on natural stone, bitumen, glass and metal.

We recommend a preliminary adhesion test on every surface.

Application Method:

  • Application Method: With a manual or pneumatic caulking gun. Finish with spatula or filling knife.

  • Cleaning: Clean uncured product with a water immediately after use.

  • Finishing: With a soapy solution or Soudal Finishing Solution before skinning.

  • Repair: With the same material

Joint Dimensions:

  • Minimum Width for Joints: 5 mm

  • Maximum Width for Joints: 20 mm

  • Minimum Depth for Joints: 5 mm

  • Recommendation Sealing Jobs: Joint Width = Joint Depth. Use PE backer rods in case of large joint dimensions to avoid three-sided adhesion.


  • Do not use in applications where continuous water immersion is possible.

  • Do not apply when rain or frost is imminent

  • Firecryl FR can be painted over with most paints.

  • The paint should be sufficiently elastic to be applied on a plasto-elastic sealant. A preliminary test is recommended.

Fire Testing


  • Test Report 9297 - University of Ghent to

  • NBN 713.020 - EN 1366-4

  • BS 476:Part 20 - Warrington Fire Research Report

  • TNO-rapport 2000-CVB-R00703

Test Results:

Test Report 9297
Wall Thickness Width of Joint Depth of Joint Application Fire Rating
100mm 21mm 20mm Doublesided 210 min TI
Rating EI 180
240 min FR
Rating E 240
100mm 11mm 10mm Doublesided 187 min TI
Rating EI 180
240 min FR
Rating E 240
200mm 20mm 20mm Doublesided 240min TI
Rating EI 240
240 min FR
Rating E 240

TI = Thermal Insulation; the time during which the temperature on the unexposed side of the wall does not rise by more than 180°C

FR = Flame Resistance; the time during which the joints stops flames from penetrating the wall

Fire Rating: Draft European Commission Decision RG N170 REV.1

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Declaration of Performance

Safety Data Sheet

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