Platinum Lime Inhibitor

Platinum Lime Inhibitor

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Platinum Lime Inhibitor is specifically formulated for the control of primary and secondary efflorescence in concrete mixes.

Platinum Lime Inhibitor is applied to concrete surfaces prior to the installation of a 'Type C' Cavity Drain Membrane System to prevent the ‘leaching’ of free lime from the concrete.

Primarily designed to be used on new concrete structures, Platinum Lime Inhibitor should also be used to treat cut recesses in existing concrete slabs.

Typical Applications

Concrete floors newer than 12 months. The whole of the concrete slab or raft as well as the recess formed ready for Drainage Conduits / Channels.

Walls - 200mm up the wall from the floor, or where a ‘kicker’ has been formed to a concrete wall, apply from the floor up to 200mm above the kicker.

Concrete floors older than 12 months - The recess cut into the concrete ready for Drainage Conduits / Channels as well as 200mm either side of floor construction or movement joints.

Underpinned properties require application to 200mm either side of the joints. Dry-packed areas should be sealed with a cement-based tanking product and then the tanking treated with Platinum Lime Inhibitor

  • Prevents limescale build up

  • Seals concrete

  • Solvent and caustic free

  • Easy to use and handle

  • Non-hazardous (on dilution)

  • Compatible with alkaline substrates

  • Long term durability

  • Complies with BS8102:2009


Clean the surface to be treated, removing any dirt, mould or loose coatings.

Mould release agents or floor paints should be completely removed.

The Lime Inhibitor can be applied to damp substrates but cannot be applied to wet substrates.

Remove all standing water prior to application.



  1. Pour 8 Litres of clean water into a large empty bucket or mixing drum.

  2. Empty contents of 1 Litre Lime Inhibitor into the mix, then fill the empty 1 Litre container with clean water to wash the container and empty into the mix to make a 10 litre ready to use solution.

  3. Pour contents into a Spray Applicator.


Moving along the floor from one end to the next apply an even single coat using a coarse spray.

Avoid using a fine mist and avoid ponding of the liquid on the surface.


Coverage will mainly depend on the porosity of the surface. 10 litres will cover a maximum of 100m²

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