Newton® Basedrain Drainage Conduit

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Newton® Basedrain Drainage Conduit

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Newton® Basedrain is a drainage conduit used for the collection of water at the perimeter of the area to be waterproofed, that is situated at the base of the wall membrane.

The Newton® Basedrain Drainage System used most commonly within the Newton® CDM (System 500) Waterproofing System.

The drainage system comprises of a range of products that collectively receive water ingressing at weaknesses within the structure and then discharge the collected water to a Sump / Pump System or safe drainage (drainage that is below the level of the basement floor that cannot back-up or block).

The 18mm holes drilled in both sides of the profile, as well as to the top surface, allows water from beneath the Newton® Fibran XPS 500-C and within the spacer zone to enter the drainage channels more easily.


It is recommended that the Basedrain System be jet washed via the Jetting Eyes, which should be incorporated in the channel system, at least once every six months.

This should be carried out by the installing contractor (under a maintenance contract) or by the property owner. During this cleaning process the pumps (if installed) should also be run with water out of the sump chamber to ensure they are fully operational and that the sump chamber be cleaned of any sludge / silt that may have accumulated.

In addition to this, the high water level battery alarm box and alarm sensor should also checked for working order.

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