MCS3 Fungicidal Paint Additive

MCS3 Fungicidal Paint Additive

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The Mould Control System (MCS) is a two stage treatment for walls, ceilings etc. affected by condensation mould. When both stages are completed, surfaces will exhibit excellent resistance to mould growth even under severe condensation conditions.

Typically, full control can be achieved for up to 5 years but this can be extended considerably where moisture control measures are implemented.

MCS3 Paint Additive is specially formulated to protect decorative finishes from future mould attack.

This should be mixed into emulsion paint, primer, undercoat, varnish, gloss, wallpaper paste, textured paint or tile adhesive.

MCS3 Paint Additive prevents the return of mould and mould spores after an area has been adequately treated by MCS1 Mould Clear Solution.

  MCS3 Paint Additive carries the HSE Approval No 7656.

Supplied in 100ml Bottles.

  • Can be used on walls, ceilings, window reveals, frames, doors etc.

  • Add to paints, wallpaper pastes and grouts

  • Prevents further growth of mould spores



Add 100ml of MCS3 Paint Additive to 5L of water based paint (emulsion, vinyl, silk or matt).

Add 50ml of MCS3 Paint Additive to 5L of solvent based paint (primer, undercoat or gloss).

Blend the Paint Additive for at least 1 minute or until fully dispersed.


Apply the paint in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

Important - Condensation is usually increasingly the main cause of mould. To reduce this underlying problem, ensure adequate ventilation throughout the property. In very extreme cases of mould other remedial measures may be required.

Active Ingredient

MCS Paint Additive contains 3-Iodo-2-Propynyl-n-Butyl Carbamate 14.97% w/w.

Data Sheets

There is no individual Data Sheet for this product however the Mould Eradication Kit Data Sheet can be viewed below.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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