Dryzone Damp Proofing DPC Cream

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Dryzone Damp Proofing DPC Cream

Dryzone | Damp Proof Cream

Dryzone is a BBA Approved Damp Proof DPC Cream that is injected into holes drilled along a mortar bed. Once installed, the high strength formulation in Dryzone spreads along the mortar bed before curing to form a damp-proof course.

  Dryzone is supported by BBA Certification Certificate No: 97/3363.

Available in 600ml Foil Cartridges and 5 Litre Tubs.

  Read our Guide on 'How To Identify & Treat Rising Dampness On Walls'


Dryzone Damp Proof DPC Cream

Dryzone Damp Proof DPC Cream is the industry standard for remedial rising damp treatments.

Dryzone is a cream that is injected into holes drilled along a mortar bed using either the Dryzone Applicator Gun, or the Selecta 7 DPC Injection Pump.

Once installed, the high strength formulation in Dryzone spreads along the mortar bed before curing to form a damp-proof course.

The installation method has been optimised to ensure that it is effective on a wide range of mortar types, including the porous and low-alkalinity mortars typically found in Victorian buildings.

Re-plastering with an appropriate, salt resistant product, such as Renovating Plaster or a sand / cement mix containing a suitable Plaster Additive (Renderguard Goldis essential to prevent further damage to the plaster finish.

  Read our Guide on 'How To Identify & Treat Rising Dampness On Walls'

Product Benefits:

  • Proven Performance: Approved by the BBA and numerous international test houses

  • Easy to Install: No costly and complicated electric pumps required

  • Usable in a wide variety of walls including brick, stone and rubble construction


Health & Safety Recommendations:

Take the usual labour hygiene into account.

PPE should be worn during application. See our Safety & PPE Products.

Consult label and material safety data sheet for more information.


Set your SDS drill to rotary hammer and select a 12 mm drill bit in excess of the required drill depth. Depending on the thickness of the wall, mark the drill bit the following distances from the tip:

Wall Thickness
4½" (115mm) 9" (230mm) 13½" (345mm) 18" (460mm)

Depth of
Drill Hole

95mm 210mm 325mm 440mm


When treating from outside a row of holes should be drilled into the mortar course 120 mm apart and approximately 150mm above the ground.

When treating from the inside the holes should be drilled into the lowest accessible mortar course. Drill the holes the necessary depth ensuring you reduce your drilling pressure once you reach 40mm short of the full hole depth. Reducing pressure ensures a cleaner hole and prevents damage to the far side of the wall. 

When using the foil cartridges, insert a Dryzone foil sausage into the Dryzone Applicator Gun, ensuring the pressure piston is fully extended. Cut into the end of the cartridge so that cream will be able to flow freely. Screw the nozzle cap back onto the gun.

When using the Dryzone 5 Litre Tubs, we recommend application of this product by using the Selecta 7 DPC Injection Pump. Pour the contents from the tub into Pump, the maximum recommended 'working' capacity for these Applicators is 5 Litres. Screw on the Pressure Handle and pump approx 15 - 20 times to build up adequate pressure.

Fully insert the nozzle into the first drilled hole, and then inject Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream while withdrawing the nozzle at a steady rate. Stop injecting just before removing the nozzle from the wall. Repeat for remaining holes

In the event of any accidental spillage of Dryzone, the spilt material should be wiped up immediately and the wipes placed in a plastic bag and disposed appropriately. Contaminated surfaces should be washed immediately with warm soapy water.


Wall Thickness & Tubes Required
Wall Length 4½" (115mm) 9" (230mm) 13½" (345mm) 18" (460mm)
10M 1.5 Tubes 3.3 Tubes 5.1 Tubes 6.9 Tubes
20M 3 Tubes 6.6 Tubes 10.2 Tubes 13.8 Tubes
30M 4.5 Tubes 9.9 Tubes 15.3 Tubes 20.7 Tubes

Individual site conditions can cause variations. Always allow at least 10% extra when estimating the quantity of material required. 


On external faces of walls, drill holes can be re-pointed using a matched mortar or can be plugged with DPC Injection Plugs (Available in a variety of colours).

On internal faces holes can be left open and plaster stopped short of the DPC.


A damp wall takes time to dry out. As a general guide, the drying rate is given as 1 month for every 25mm of wall thickness (BRE Digest 163, ‘Drying out buildings’). Thus 230mm will take approximately 9 months to dry. However, the drying processes depend on conditions, ventilation and the type of masonry, so drying may take considerably longer.

Due to the potential prolonged drying of the wall, the following must be considered:

  1. Delay any decoration for 4-6 weeks following re-plastering and allow for good natural ventilation to enhance drying. Do not apply heat or accelerated drying methods.

  2. Do not use wallpaper for at least 12 months (longer on thick walls).

  3. Redecorate using a non vinyl based emulsion.

  4. Maintain good ventilation around walls.

Note: The initial decorations should be regarded as temporary, the final decorations not taking place for at least 12 months after completion of the damp proofing and ancillary work.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Householder Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

BBA Certificate

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