Platinum DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint

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Platinum DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint

Platinum Building Chemicals Ltd | Damp Proof Paint

DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint is a highly advanced Styrene Butadiene Latex-based liquid-applied Damp Proof Paint used to offer a simple method for many waterproofing and vapour proofing applications. 

DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint is supplied in 5 Litre containers, available in White or Black.


Platinum DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint

DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint offers a simple method for many waterproofing and vapour proofing applications.

DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint is a viscous liquid of similar consistency to thick emulsion paint.

The colours will differ slightly on application from the colour of the dried membrane / paint. The damp proof paint dries to a tough semi-gloss finish.

Product Benefits:

DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint has been independently tested and found to be an effective guard against CO² and Radon Gas. The advantages include:

  • Single pack system

  • Water based compounds that can be applied even to damp backgrounds

  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous, solvent and plasticiser free

  • Good bond to many substrates

  • Low water vapour permeability

  • Quick drying. Typically dry in 1 hour

  • Toughness, high flexibility, extensibility and good crack bridging properties

  • Alkali resistant. Can be applied to alkaline surfaces

  • Resistant to silage acids


Health & Safety Recommendations:

Take the usual labour hygiene into account.

PPE should be worn during application. See our Safety & PPE Products.

Consult label and material safety data sheet for more information.


The background surface should be smooth or have a light even texture. Any masonry should be flush pointed and defects in existing surfaces made good.

The surface needs to be clean, sound and free from dust, loose material or free surface water. DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint should not be applied in wet conditions or where these conditions are likely to occur before the membrane has dried.

DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint should not be applied when the temperature of the background, or the air temperature, is below 7°c.

It sometimes advantageous to pre-wet concrete or masonry backgrounds, so that these are damp but free from any water glistening on the surface.

Because of the wide variety of background types and site conditions it is always advisable to check adhesion to the background by testing on a sample area before starting any job.

Application Method:

DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint can be applied by brush or roller and is effective in the following situations.

  • FLOORS: Under screeds (or above screeds) to provide a damp proof membrane.

  • BASEMENTS: As part of a waterproofing system beneath ground level. NOT suitable where hydrostatic water pressure is present.

  • WALLS: Can be used under render or plaster as a water barrier or vapour barrier.

  • TILING: As a secondary protection under tiles in wet areas e.g. bathrooms, food processing areas, balconies, etc.

  • SILAGE STORAGE: The membrane protects concrete from silage attack.

  • GAS BARRIER: To minimise CO² / Radon transmission.

DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint may be applied by brush, roller or airless spray. If necessary the compound can be diluted with up to 10% water, however care should be taken to ensure that the correct dry coat thickness is applied.

The thickness of the dried paint per coat depends on the method of application.

For a single dry coat thickness of more than 0.30mm it is recommended that DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint is applied by airless spray. If airless spray is used single dry coat thickness’s of up to 1.0mm can be obtained.

Note: A single coat of 0.60mm dry thickness or more will require a greater drying time than for an equivalent multi-coat application.

If two coats are being applied it is recommended that the coats be applied at right angles to each other.

Before applying the second coat it is necessary to let the first coat become touch dry. The time required to reach this tough dry condition will vary according to site conditions but will typically be in the order of 1 hour. It is preferable if the second coat is applied within 24 hours of applying the first coat.

After all coats have been applied DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint should be left for at least 4 days before attempting any ponding tests. Under unfavourable drying conditions this period may need to be extended.


Whilst most applications to concrete roofs have been successful, blistering shortly after application of DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint to the roof has occasionally occurred.

This blistering is caused by the heat from the sun causing a vapour pressure build up below the membrane.

The problem is exacerbated if the background concrete is wet.

The risk of blistering can be minimised by ensuring a very good bond to the background and avoiding application of DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint in, or shortly prior to, strong sunlight.

Techniques for maximising bonding are:

  • Vigorously brushing the first coat into the background concrete using a stiff bristled broom.

  • Priming the roof with a slurry of SBR Bonding Agent and Ordinary Portland Cement. Allow this primer coat to harden for at least 2 days before applying DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint.

In some situations e.g. at high stress points such as wall / floor junctions and construction joints it is advised to use Platinum Mesh Tape to provide strength and to reduce cracking.

The fabric is rolled onto the first wet coat and then coated with additional DampSeal DPM Damp Proof Paint after allowing the first coat to dry to a tacky condition.


A minimum dried coating thickness of 0.6mm is necessary to provide a vapour barrier.

This should be applied in a minimum of two coats. (i.e. 0.3mm dry film thickness per coat for two application).

For the final dried membrane thickness to be 0.60mm a coverage rate of 1.20kg/m² is required (this is the total for all coats).

This corresponds to approximately 1 Kg/m².

A 5kg Bucket will cover Approximately 5m² based on 2 Coats

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet - DampSeal Damp Proof Paint White

Safety Data Sheet - DampSeal Damp Proof Paint Black

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