Brass Wall Ties

Brass Wall Ties

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Brass Wall Ties New Product

The Brass Wall Tie sets new standards in replacement wall ties.

The Brass Wall Ties' unique design concept creates a tie which provides maximum anchoring strength over a far greater surface area than the traditional ‘point loading’ anchoring system currently used in other replacement wall ties.

The design of the Wall Tie ensures the fixing sleeve expands along its full radial length to provide an extremely strong uniform fix over the entire surface area of the sleeve anchor giving a substantially improved and more reliable ‘fix’ than the traditional sleeve which, because of its design limitations, only achieves a ‘point loading’ fix over a relatively small part of its surface area.

Available in 2 sizes.


Typical Applications:

Suitable for all wall tie replacement applications save for use in perforated bricks or in friable blocks having a compressive strength of less than 7N/mm² (Ref: BRE Digest 329 Decision Tree).


Expand the tie into both the inner and outer leaf to the recommended torque.

Technical Data

Drill Diameter:

  • 10mm - 11mm into normal brick and blockwork.

  • 10mm - 11mm into outer leaf only if Stock or Accrington brick.

Pull Out Strengths (Kn):

Substrate Kn
Stock or Accrington Brick 3.3Kn
Common Brickwork 3.0Kn
Blockwork 2.6Kn
Soft Blockwork 2.1Kn
40N Concrete 3.2Kn
30N Concrete 2.9Kn
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