B-Brand ABEK Gas Filter Cartridges (Combination Filters)

B-Brand ABEK Gas Filter Cartridges (Combination Filters)

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B-Brand ABEK Gas Filter Cartridges to fit the B-Brand Twin Filter Face Mask.


B-Brand ABEK Gas Filter Cartridges

B-Brand ABEK Gas Filter Cartridges are suitable for protection against:

  • Organic Vapour Hazards such as Solvents (i.e White Spirit Toluene & Carbon Tetrachloride)

  • Inorganic Gases such as Chlorine & Hydrogen Sulphide

  • Acid Gases such as Sulphur Dioxide

  • Ammonia & certain Amines

Maximum use level - 1000ppm or 10 x OEL (whichever is lower) 

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