Wonder Grip® Gloves

Wonder Grip® Gloves

The Product Development of Wonder Grip® Gloves effectively harmonizes three concepts: Comfort, Safety, and Attractiveness.

The word “comfort” does not simply represent coziness. In the product development, Wonder Grip® scientifically determine the functions necessary for reducing fatigue. When lifting an object, if the grip effect is enhanced, then the required force to lift the object will be reduced. Therefore, we believe that these gloves will improve work efficiency by effectively reducing a worker’s fatigue.

The word “safety” not only entails making materials stronger and thicker but also scientifically determining methods to increase safety without changing the product’s working properties. For example, even if the cut resistance of the gloves is at its highest level, work efficiency can still decrease if the gloves are too thick and rigid. Therefore, Wonder Grip® have developed products at a high level with the same utility as products with low mechanical properties.

“Attractiveness” has become a common requisite for product placement in today’s society. Therefore, if workers can choose the gloves that match their color and design preferences, they will enjoy making statements about their individuality while working. With this intention, Wonder Grip® continuously develop and propose new colorful and innovative designs.

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Wonder Grip® Air-Lite Breathable Nitrile Palm Grip Gloves - Pair
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Wonder Grip® Aqua Water Resistant Grip Gloves - Pair
Product Details: Wonder Grip® Aqua - Waterproof Grip Gloves incorporate a 13-gauge nylon l..
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Wonder Grip® Thermo-Plus Water Resistant Thermal Grip Gloves - Pair
Product Details: The Wonder Grip® Thermo-Plus Glove is fully double-coated with latex..
Wonder Grip® Dexcut™ Nitrile Palm Coated (Cut 5) Gloves - Pair
Product Details: The Wonder Grip® Dexcut™ is Nitrile Coated 13 Gauge HPPE with Glass..