Eye Protection

Eye Protection

Type of Protection:

  1. Spectacles - Comfortable and available in a variety of styles. Will not keep out dust, gas or molten metal.
  2. Goggles - Can provide protection for all types of hazards. May be worn over Spectacles

Choosing Safety Eyewear:

To help choose safety eyewear best suited to your needs, the following information may be useful. Whilst every effort should be made to remove hazards as the result of a Workplace Risk Assessment, if Safety Eyewear is necessary as a last resort, the following criteria should be considered:

  • Type of Hazard
  • Type of Protection
  • Type of Lens

Care and Maintenance:

Both employee and employer have a responsibility to keep all eye protection in good order. User instructions are provided and give cleaning and maintenance information. Platinum Chemicals provide a wide range of products to help keep eyewear in optimum condition.

Type of Lens:

  1. Clear - Suitable for general use.
  2. Anti-Glare - Suitable for use in hgih glare situations such as finished concrete slabs in bright sunlight.
  3. Yellow - Suitable for those moving from light to dark environments.

Type of Hazard:

Hazards fall into 4 main categories:

  1. Mechanical - Flying debris, dust or molten metal.
  2. Chemical - Fumes, gases or liquid splash.
  3. Radiation - Heat (Infrared), UV light or glare.
  4. Laser Light - Over a wide spectrum of of wavelengths from UV to infrared
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