Ear Protection

Ear Protection

Ear Protection Types

Communication Head Sets: For people covering large areas within a noisy environment, ear muffs that incorporate communication systems.

Plugs: Can be worn conveniently with all other PPE Items. Easy to use, with attenuation provided often exceeding that of ear muffs, whilst disposable they provide excellent protection with long term comfort.

Flex & Corded Plugs: These versions are favoured for carrying around the neck when not in use.

European Standards:

Ear muffs and plugs are tested to the relevant European Standards and are CE marked.

  • EN352 Part 1 - Ear Muffs
  • EN352 Part 2 - Ear Plugs
  • EN352 Part 3 - Helmet Mounted Ear Muffs
  • EN352 Part 4 - Level Dependant Ear Muffs
  • EN352 Part 5 - Active Noise Reduction Ear Muffs
  • EN352 Part 6 - Ear Muffs with Electrical Audio Input
  • EN352 Part 7 - Level Dependent Ear Plugs

SNR (Standard Noise Reduction):

SNR (Standard Noise Reduction) is only a general means of comparing different Ear Protection Products. Generally the higher the SNR Number, the better the performance of the product across a range of noise frequencies.

Example: A SNR of 30 may not give a 30 decibel attenuation at all frequencies. The figures associated with H, M and L indicate the level of protection within the range of High, Medium or Low frequency noise. Examples: For the wearer of an ear muff / plugs where H=35 a high frequency noise of 100 decibels will drop to 65 decibels.

Wearing the same Ear Muff, where M=25, a medium frequency noise of 100 decibels will drop to 75 decibels.

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