EP40 Two Part Epoxy Resin Floor Coating - 5Kg

EP40 Two Part Epoxy Resin Floor Coating - 5Kg
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Product Description:

EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating is a water based, two-pack, easy to apply epoxy resin systems with excellent adhesion to concrete, wood and other surfaces providing attractive, hard wearing dust-free finishes.

Floors become easier to clean with an impervious finish and are substantially more resistant to damage by fork-lift trucks, chemicals, fuels and lubricants etc. EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating can be applied to new (green) concrete, 7 days after being poured.

EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating has excellent resistance to fuels, oils and lubricants. All grades possess good resistance to dilute acids, alkalis, detergents, salt and sugar solutions.

Chemical spillages should always be wiped up as quickly as possible and not allowed to evaporate.

Available Grades / Colours:

This size of container (5Kg) is available in Grey or Clear.

EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating GREY - A general purpose epoxy resin finish suitable for use in most industrial environments, which dries from a semigloss to a semi-matt finish depending on temperature and humidity.

EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating CLEAR - A clear coating for sealing concrete or for use where a primer is required prior to application of EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating Grey. A primer is required for porous surfaces, high build and anti-slip finishes.

Areas of Use:

EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating, being low-odour, is ideal for use in domestic properties, kitchens and basements as well as the food industry, dairies, breweries, bakeries etc. where solvent based products are prohibited.

The hardwearing properties and resistance to chemical and oil spillages make EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating ideal for industrial units, warehouses, automotive workshops and general industrial usage.

EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating can be used as a liquid DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) at ground floor level.

NOTE 1 - In order to achieve the best results from this product, it is recommended that the product be used only when temperatures in excess of 10°C are present with good ventilation.

NOTE 2 - Variations in temperature and humidity during the cure period can significantly affect the rate of drying and surface finish.


One or two coats of EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating can be applied with a roller or brush

Slip resistance can be achieved by specifying a three coat system. The first coat of EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating CLEAR (Available in 5Kg only) being followed by one coat of EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating GREY, lightly scattered with anti-slip aggregates whilst still wet, at a rate of 50/100g per m².


Approx 6-8 m² per kg per coat (2 coats recommended).

Product Data Sheets:

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet (Base)

 Safety Data Sheet (Hardener)

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