The 'Genius Gun®' Range

The 'Genius Gun®' Range

Soudal Genius Gun® is the ideal application system for both DIY and TRADE users of PU Foam. The combination of professional quality products with easy usability is an ideal solution

The range includes 'Genius Gun® Gap Filler' which is a General Purpose Expanding Foam used for filling large gaps, cavities, installation of Window & Door Frames and much more.

The 'Genius Gun® Insulation Foam' is a Premium Grade Expanding Foam with high Insulation values, both thermal and acoustical.

'Genius Gun® PU Adhesive' is a Fast Curing Polyurethane Adhesive Foam which is used for interior and exterior bonding of all common building materials and can be applied to many surfaces such as plasterboard, dry lining, Rockwool, insulation board, bricks, concrete, plaster, wood, metal etc...

The extrusion straws on 'Genius Gun®' cannisters can be resealed which makes it possible to continue the application from a partially used canister for several weeks. Each cannister is supplied with a pair of Polythene Gloves which should be worn during application.

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'Genius Gun®' Gap Filler Expanding Foam - 750ml Tin
Product Description: 'Genius Gun®' Gap Filler is a ready to use single component se..
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'Genius Gun®' Insulation Foam - Expanding Foam Filler - 750ml Tin
Product Description: 'Genius Gun®' Insulation Foam is a ready to use single co..
'Genius Gun®' PU Adhesive Foam - 750ml Tin
  Product Description: 'Genius Gun®' PU Adhesive is a ready to use single..
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