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COP26 And The Potential Impact On Delivery Services

COP26 And The Potential Impact On Delivery Services

Author: Danny Neill - Operations Manager at Platinum Chemicals Ltd

Potential Impact On Delivery Service (COP26) - 1st November to 12th November 2021

The UK is hosting the Climate Change Conference (COP26) between the 31st October 2021 and the 12th November 2021.

Our Couriers are expecting any travel in Glasgow and the surrounding areas to be severely impacted due to road closures and heightened security measures.

Road closures have been in place ahead of the event and will remain until Monday 15th November.

In additional to the planned closures, it is expected that there will be local protests over the two-week period and that roads could be closed with very little notice.

The delivery depots covering this area will attempt all deliveries where possible.

The Impacted Postcodes are:

  • G1 - G84

  • PA1 - PA19

For any customers who are placing orders in these areas, please be aware of any potential delays and that all efforts will be made to clear as soon as access is granted to the restricted areas.

Additional information on the event and the planned road closures can be found here

We apologise for any inconveniences this may cause.

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