Siliconate K Damp Proofing Fluid - 3.6 Litre Concentrate

Siliconate K Damp Proofing Fluid - 3.6 Litre Concentrate
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Product Description:

Siliconate K is a clear, odourless concentrate of potassium methyl siliconate. Once diluted with water the liquid is introduced in to predrilled holes by either transfusion or low pressure injection to form a continuous chemical damp proof course. This product dilutes with water to make 25 litres of ready to use product.


Holes 10mm to 16mm in diameter should be drilled into the wall to predetermined depths and at 150 to 170mm internals. Half brick (115mm) walls can be drilled to depth of 75mm from one side. Thicker walls (230mm or more) should, where possible be treated from both sides or if access is restricted, injection can be carried out from one side by sequential drilling (75mm, 190mm etc).

In some circumstances 230 mm brick walls may be simply drilled/injected from one side by drilling to 190mm and ensuring the centre of the wall is thoroughly saturated with injection solution (see below).

The holes should be drilled either horizontally in to the mortar beds or angled downwards at an angle of 30°-45° terminating in a mortar bed at the level of the required DPC. Injection of the solution should be carried out at a pressure of 300kPa. Nozzles fitted with an expanding rubber sealing washer are inserted into the drilled holes and injection continued until the required volume has been injected.


This will vary according to the nature and porosity of the substrate. A general guide for 9” (230mm) brickwork would be 3 litres of diluted product per linear metre run. In other words, a 3.6L Container (once diluted to 25L) will cover around 7 - 10 linear metres based on a standard 9" thick brick, depending on porosity of substrate.

Product Data Sheets:

 Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Siliconate K BBA Certificate

Other Information:

 This Product is BBA Approved. Agrément Certificate No: 02/3961.

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