BM17 Bower Beams (Cut back to 17") - 150mm x 1 Metre (Pair)

BM17 Bower Beams (Cut back to 17") - 150mm x 1 Metre (Pair)
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Product Description:

Any joist or beam end in direct contact with a wet wall will eventually succumb to fungal attack and decay (rot) thus loosing its strength, it may even break. Should this happen the problem of replacement is expensive and time consuming.

Bower Beams can be used to effect a quick, cheap and easy but secure and long lasting replacement. Independent tests have shown that the Bower Beam is capable of withstanding loads in excess of the design loads of the wooden joists they are supporting which will in turn, be isolated from the source of the dampness and further risk.

All of these plates can be used as timber splicing plates by fastening an equal number of coach screws either side of the splice. The extra coach screws should be ordered with the Bower Beam. An additional Bower Beam for use with lower loaded joists (i.e. ceiling joists) is available where the requirement is not to disturb the ceiling below. The Bower Beam principal is the same but the flanges are of a reduced length.

Fixing Method:

1. Cut away the affected timber up to 17 inches (425mm) from the joist end.

2. Offer up the two halves of the Bower Beam to the joist and slide forward into the socket. Secure with nails.

3. Drill the required number of pilot holes for the coach screws (not opposite each other).

4. Tighten down the coach screws. Note: a blocking piece will be necessary on large cut backs to fasten down the floor boards. Joist widths from 2 inches (50mm) up to 6 inches (150mm) can be replaced by this method. Normal treatment to dispel further fungal attack should be carried out.

Other Information:

Bower Beams are sold in pairs. Each pair of BM17 (150mm x 1M) Bower Beams are supplied with 16 Coach Screws (M10 x 40). Additional Coach Screws are available on request.

Product Data Sheets:

Technical Data Sheet

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