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Nuaire Flatmaster

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Product Description

The Flatmaster is designed to take fresh air from outside, clean the air and discharge it into the central hallway via a system of ducting supplied by the installer.

The dwelling internal air discharge grille is usually installed at high level in a central location within the hallway, although discharging the air down the length of the hallway (away from the front door) should also prove acceptable.

Unit performance may be enhanced if an existing heat source can warm the discharged air eg. by locating the discharge grille above a radiator.

Product Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet
Installation & Maintenance Manual: Flatmaster
Ventilation Solutions For The Decent Homes Standard
Ventilation Solutions For Housebuilders & Developers
Flatmaster Consultants Specification
Flatmaster BBA Certificate

Other Information

This Product is BBA Approved. Agrément Certificate No: 00/3727

  • Manufactured by: Nuaire Group

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